Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rangoli Theme Buffet Restaurant, Arena, Karsaz

Rangoli is an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant off main Karsaz road.

The restaurant is atop a gaming zone that offers many kinds of unique activities for families, such as an ice skating rink, simulated rock climbing, and bowling.

The investors have really taken pains to spruce up the place! Outdoor elevators. :)

As I said, Arena is actually the name of a gaming complex. As you can see, the family can enjoy games downstairs before or after eating upstairs. Bowling is very popular here.

The deals offer combinations of gaming and eating.

The waiting area next to the reception.

The spacious reception.

The area where food is served in closed-lid platters.

From memory, the menu included: Chicken Corn Soup, Prawn Tempura, Fried Fish fingers, Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani, Fried Daal, Mince-Stuffed Capsicums, Special Qeema/Mince, Vegetable Cutlets, Mixed Vegetables/Bhujjia, Green Fish Curry, Beef Boti, Paya, Mutton Kunna, Chicken Haleem, Beef Nihari, Chicken Kasturi Boti, Fried Rice, Fish Sweet and Sour, Thai Beef Curry, Vegetable Chow Mien, Spicy Wings, Lasagne, Sandwiches, French Fries, Parathas, and Roghni Naans.

The lighting is dim throughout the restaurant.

The place was thronging with families and children of all ages.

Salad bar. 5 stars!

Sajji a.k.a steamed chicken with minimum spices, is prepared before your very eyes. This area of the restaurant features live chefs. They prepare chaat, Sajji, Chapli kababs and pasta in front of you. For the pasta, you can dictate which ingredients are to be put in.

From back to front: pie with cream, mithai, sugar-free souffle, custard trifle and Shahi tukray (bread pudding).

Back to front: Chocolate mousse, more trifle, and kheer. There was also kulfi, which was great!

Back to front: Jelly, Apple Pie, and Creme Brulle (Caramel Pudding).

A huge slab of Tiramisu next to an equally huge bowl of fresh fruit!

Green tea to finish off.

This is the view of Maritime Museum's grounds, having an artificial, simulated lake right outside Rangoli's wide, glass windows. It is decorated with Navy boats, ships and planes, as Arena is within the PNS Jauhar area.

Verdict: I personally think that Rangoli is excellent value for money. It is better than Clifton's Salt 'n Pepper Village buffet restaurant by a wide mark. It is more sprawled-out, giving back to the diner in variety and quality what it misses out in the breathtaking view of the sea.

What is good about buffets - if you are strong-willed enough to be able to carefully pick and choose what you will eat, preventing yourself from overeating - is that you enjoy a much wider choice. The whole family can have whatever they like whilst dining together, without being restricted by a limited menu, the number of items that can be ordered, or portion size. For example, if my daughter loves fruit and paratha, my son loves rice and vegetables, my husband likes barbecue, and I prefer Italian lasagna/Chinese entree's, we can all have what we want in customized portions, without overloading the table, or stretching our budget.

A must-visit!


  1. This place looks really great. So much selection of desserts I couldn't believe it!
    The sajji looks so authentic, so Pakistani.
    Thanks for your blog, it's great.


  2. Whenever I go to Pakistan, I visit that place at least once. The menu is so huge that its hard to choose what you would want to eat. From Italian to Pakistani as well as Chinese food, thy have it all. If you love desserts, than you will love the wide variety of sweets they offer. Best of all its a atmosphere is great for every one including kids. And its very clean.

  3. @Priya: Thanks.
    @Hassan: Thank you for your input.

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  5. very nice to read that such place is located in heart of city. Must visit when have time.

  6. Good Talent ... S. Farooqi...

    Keep it up. after checking your working on blogs and wordpress.

  7. I had dinner at Rangoli quite a few times and must to say that the quality of food and the ambiance is superb

  8. Nice photos. Great job!

  9. Mza Nhi Aya Mujhe. . . .
    Me Gaya Tha. . . .

  10. can anybody tell me about the activities like all of them which take place in arena@?

  11. Activities in arena are..
    1-paintball game (without paint but censors on jacket with scoring board ahead on that play area)
    3-Arcade games
    4-mini golf
    5-rock climbing
    6-ice skating
    i think thats it.

    but can't enjoy all the games even if u have 4-5 hours. so amazing place of its kind must visit.

  12. The tiramisu sure looks yummy. Excellent variety of desserts. Will check it out soon.

  13. First of ol i mst say u had done a great job!!
    I m little confused i just wanna lal qila hi better or

  14. Wat will u suggest or prefer

  15. @anonymous,
    From personal experience, Lal Qila is great with nice ambiance and good food. Salt & Pepper Village is not bad either. I think these two plus Rangoli are more or less of the same calibre food wise. I would go to the place that is cheapest especially if you are not into gaming stuff.

  16. arena is a awsome place for youngsters... ice skating peak of enjoyment.. but unluckly i didnt taste rangoliii.. me going to taste it tomorrow... hope it recalls me lalqilla food...

  17. unluckly i didnt taste rangoliii.. me going to taste it saturdaynight ...

  18. can anyone tell me if they had an event at arena's 'Dewan-e-khas' hall. How was the arrangement and the food?

  19. whats the entry price and and games price?

  20. Have aNYONE ARRANGED a nikkha ceremeny in Arena, I am thinking of booking arena for 30 people for my sons nikka ceremeny I will be going from abroad, any ideas

  21. can any one tell me the entry, gaming and lunch prices?

  22. can 3 or 4 people can have lunch at rangoli ? whats it cost ?

  23. What its buffet cost per head

  24. Whats a buffet dinner rate???tell me plz

  25. Whats a buffet dinner rate???tell me plz