Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Salt n Pepper Village Restaurant

Salt n Pepper Village Restaurant is one of the most famed buffet places in Karachi. It is situated on Beach Avenue in an area popularly known for decades as "Seaview".

The restaurant uses symbols of traditional local folk culture and Sindh's ethnic cultural heritage in its ambiance and decor.

This water mill is always running right outside the restaurant's entrance.

A lit-up bullock cart is also stationed here.

Nowadays, breakfast buffets are gaining popularity across the city's top restaurants.

 Salt n Pepper offers 3 buffets every day: lunch, hi tea and dinner. Breakfast/brunch is only offered on Sundays.

 The artifacts and other decoration pieces used add to the rural look of the restaurant.
Even the walls depict a rustic, mud-like appearance akin to those used to build mud huts in villages.

 Traditional terracotta urns and metal milk containers are on display. 

The waiting area in the main foyer. 

A model of the traditional hand-loom, perhaps?

There is a children's play area in one corner, with a lady attendant to supervise the little ones. A worthy investment indeed.

The serving area is completely separate from the dining hall. In peak hours, it is quite crowded. 
Pictured above is the desserts section, which offers: assorted sweetmeats (mithai), fruit-flavored mousse, kheer, kulfi-faluda, ice creams, halwa's, jelly, crème brulée (caramel pudding), cakes, and even candy floss!

This is the main entree area, which offers: kababs (chapli or seekh), chicken tikka boti, nihari, haleem, payay (with accompanying garnish), qorma, daal, Chinese rice, chow mien, Chinese chicken or beef curry, pulao, mutton or chicken karahi, deep-fried prawns or Lahori fish, fried batair, pakora's, assorted paratha's (mooli/aaloo/makai ki roti), two kinds of soup, saag, kata-kat, aaloo ki bhujia and puri's, whole lamb roast, mini pizza's, spring rolls, sandwiches, French fries, pasta, pani puri and chaat, and a complete salad bar with lots of seasonal fresh fruit.

The drinks menu.

Clockwise from top right: fried prawns, a chicken seekh kabab and a piece of lightly spiced lamb roast.


Deep fried batair. This is a small bird, fried whole as you can see, and the bones are very fine.

A small amount of nihari - buffets allow you to sample what you like in small portions.

Rich apple juice - Rs 130

On to the desserts. Clockwise from right: milk carrot pudding (gajraila), channay ki daal ka halwa, and carrot halwa.

Diet firni (rice-powder pudding).

Banana jelly.

Kulfi with thick khoya milk and faluda (not pictured)

A scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Hot towels are served at your table as you wrap up your meal. The waiters also serve warm wheat naans (flatbreads) at your table after you are seated.

A view of the restaurant at lunch time.

Parents of little kids usually need to sit near the play area.

The view of the sea from the huge glass windows is spectacular. It is of course one of the main attractions of this seaside restaurant.

Verdict: It is no secret that Salt n Pepper is a great place to dine, especially for those people (mostly guys and middle-aged men) who have a large appetite. I almost always see several large groups of ....ahem....older, "burly" men dining here. But its true that the food is great.

Our bill came to Rs ~ 2100, in which Rs 340 went towards 4 drinks (including one lassi and one fruit juice) and Rs 300 towards sales tax. Our children were not charged, which I think was because they do not waste any food even when they eat at buffets, because we strictly guide them to take only what they want, as much as they can eat. If your children tend to overstock their plates and waste food, they will probably be charged. For prices, please refer to the fifth picture from the top in this post.


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