Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indulge, Zamzama

Indulge is the name of a chain of restaurants that is owned by Cupola, the same company that owns and runs the KFC franchise in Pakistan. 

We sometimes visit the Zamzama outlet that is a stone's throw away from our residence. The ambience is quite nice. There are 3 portions: one lower portion, one glass-walled one as seen in the above picture, and one main dining area (below).

An aquarium adds to the ambience of any room.

The children were transfixed whilst watching the fish.

The main dining area is spacious - this is the non-smoking section. 

Their motto.

A funky restaurant cannot be considered to "have arrived" nowadays unless it has a wall-mounted plasma television. Its besides the point that all that's ever on is either news or sports.

The menu 

Starting off, Soups and Salads on the menu - Indulge has very affordable prices.

Sandwiches and Wraps


Main entrees (why does each page have "platters" printed on it?)

The pizza menu - yes, contrary to the corporation's aggressive billboard advertising that makes Indulge come off as a giant pizza enterprise, its pizza menu is actually quite limited.


More me, the photographs are much better-looking than the actual products that are placed in front of you when you order!

Drinks and smoothies

Coffee variety

Garlic Dip came with French Fries

Thai Tom Yam soup for Rs. 80 plus tax

The soup contained pieces of mushroom, ginger and garlic.

Chicken Fajita Sandwich and Pasta Fettuccini in White Sauce

The Chicken Fajita Sandwich tasted great! The bread was fresh and soft, very similar to Subway's Oregano and Parmesan bread.

Regular Chicken Tikka pizza

Regular Chicken Fajita Pizza - both pizzas were extremely similar, almost alike, in taste. They were part of a deal priced at Rs 777, with a large soft drink bottle also thrown in. 

Brownie A La Mode, for Rs 80 including tax. Reasonable prices, eh? 
The brownie was extremely rich and warm.

Fruity Sundae for Rs 140 including tax. 

This was a bit of a disappointment, because the 2 ice cream scoops that were supposed to be topped by the fruit and cream had partially melted by the time this was served to us.

Cappuccino for Rs 90 plus tax.

Overall verdict: The service at Indulge is really lacking. The waiters are polite and serve you on time, but we had to ask them for everything, such as napkins, glasses, drinks, and after having the soup, we had to ask the waiter to take the bowl away. 

Portion size is small, which is what you can expect, since the prices are so reasonable. However, the quality of the food is up to the mark. You will not come away feeling as if you were ripped off, which is what one sometimes feels after dining at other overpriced eateries on Zamzama. 

I think the plush but comfy ambience and the affordable prices combined with the good quality of food are what keep Indulge still going strong.

They could do with an additional trained waiter or two at their Zamzama outlet, though! 


  1. Very good review ... and thanks for the menu pics!

  2. You should add addresses !

  3. mouth waterinng cant wait to visit

  4. Sorry, this restaurant is no longer in operation at this location.