Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Butlers Chocolate Cafe, Zamzama

Ireland's Butler's Chocolate Cafe opened its doors on Zamzama during winter last year. Since then it has been doing good business.

It offers chocolate truffles (little round chocolates, shown below), besides the usual edible cafe fare, to its customers who dine in. 
A complimentary chocolate truffle is therefore served here with almost anything you order. 

The interior of the cafe:

Here is a shot from our trip to this cafe when it had just recently opened (notice the crowd, in stark contrast!):

The decor and ambience then seemed more like an a la carte restaurant than a cozy, comfortable cafe. However, now when you visit on a quiet day (such as a weeknight), you can enjoy a calm meal, coffee or dessert.

Here is their menu (sorry, but the flash on my camera did not work for some reason when I was taking these shots):

Breakfast menu

Sweet, foreign breakfast items

Confectionary/bakery items on offer.


Cold drinks. As you can see, the prices are the same as any other cafe on Zamzama.

Butler's offers several breakfast combo's.

Their lunch deals nowadays.

Cheese and Mushroom Omelette - Rs 340

This was really yummy! It was accompanied by a crumbed, fried potato cutlet, red beans, butter, strawberry jam, and one quartered slice of bread (I think there should have been two slices).

The melted cheese and mushrooms oozed out of the soft omelette!
Out of this world, and very filling too.

This cute little pot of strawberry jam came with the breakfast. The kids loved it!

French Toast with Maple Syrup - Rs 295
This was quite a disappointment. Couldn't they have thrown in 3 more similar slices for the price charged? The only good part was the high-quality maple syrup.
For a great French Toast breakfast, I'd highly recommend N'ecos' "doorstep-thick" French Toast.  They charge the same price but the quantity is more than double of this.

Tea (2 teabags) - for Rs 160. I just loved the little kettle! The milk was hot and frothy; it made great tea.

Irish Apple Pie with Ice Cream, Rs 200 (we requested local ice cream, as opposed to the Bourbon Ice Cream scoop that they give with this dessert). 
The apple pie was warm to the core, and with ice cream, the combination was superb! :)

Chocolate Muffin, for Rs 220 plus tax

Blueberry Muffin, for Rs 220 plus tax

Both muffins were very fresh, soft and warm when served - an absolutely delightful accompaniment with hot coffee!

Mocha, for Rs 215 plus tax, accompanied by a chocolate truffle. Notice the smiley face and the artful heart-shaped designs on the surface of the coffee? :)

Butler's Hot Chocolate, for Rs 220

Smarties Cookie and a Chocolate Chip Cookie, priced at Rs 100 each. 
The hospitable manager gave my children these cookies 'on the house', and refused to charge us for them when I insisted to pay. 
She also gave them a complimentary chocolate truffle each, as soon as we arrived and placed our order!

Double Chocolate truffle. The chocolate deserves a thumbs-up!


This was just warm, foamy, sweet milk with chocolate shavings on top. 
The kids loved it! 

Butler's Club Sandwich for Rs 385 plus tax. It was really good!

Smoothie for Rs 220 plus tax (I think its name was "Morning Rush")

Traditional Chocolate Milkshake - Rs 300 plus tax

This is a rich and thick chocolate milk shake that will make you dislike any other chocolate milkshake offered by any other place! Enthused with pure chocolate richness, it gives all the other limpid, cocoa- and chocolate-ice-cream based milkshakes a run for their money.

Butler's Signature Sundae - Rs 360 plus tax

A scoop each of vanilla and chocolate ice cream sit atop a moist chocolate cake, topped with a generous blob of whipped cream, a rich chocolate sauce, and chocolate flakes. Another slice of cake is placed on one side. 

Overall verdict: My first experience at this cafe was not so good because it was always very overcrowded in the first few weeks following its inauguration. 

I have been going to it again recently to have coffee/hot chocolate, and I must say that the cafe has sustained its quality and a regular clientele ever since the initial hoopla died down. Sometimes, you might be disappointed when you are informed that an item on the menu is not available or short (as it happened once when we ordered a Chocolate Croissant). 

I think the cafe is an abova-the-ordinary outlet, especially if you love chocolates and would like truffles with whatever you order. :)

Note: For those who care, the cafe claims that the chocolates are halal. The original Butlers website also claims that all its edible products are suitable for vegetarians.


  1. I think this is a newer review of the place. Shouldn't it be probably moved under the category of restaurants reviewed in October?

  2. Yes, I updated the review recently. Sadly, the previous review which was done just after the cafe opened, is now fixed in the archive of that month in time. Now I have combined both reviews in the same blog post, but cannot have two posts about the same cafe in one blog...
    Life is about tough choices sometimes. :)

  3. The kids were not the only ones who liked that pot of jam. I think that is quite cute as well :) Serving a pot of jam, like a traditional European cafe would, when it could have just served a couple of tablespoons of the local jam/preserve on a small bowl, Butlers does not seem to cutting too many corners. It does seem dedicated to pleasing its customers, and no wonder then you have been paying so many repeat visits to this place!

  4. a very good and through review. I have just one question. you mentioned that they serve bourbon ice-cream. Did you ask them if they have the permission to serve it and whether they inform their customer's before they order, because bourbon is an American Whiskey.

  5. hello sadaf,

    Not all the PICS seem to open. Just noticed that today.


    1. Rich? Seriously? Prices are very reasonable...recheck with your glasses on, prices mentioned are in hundreds not millions!!

  7. Farooqi: thanks for the info:)

  8. i didn't understand. why did you order local ice cream? bourbon is an alcohol? why would you even support such a place where they serve ALCOHOL?

  9. i absolutely love your blog sadaf. this is the first time I came here and i liked it so much that I went through almost all of your blog posts. MashaAllah very comprehensive blog. I dont normally comment on any other blogs except one on of my friends but yours made me to leave a comment and two. Keep up the good work:)

  10. Thank you Shaf, for commenting on my blog and leaving your encouraging words.

  11. I want to visit threstaurantis .. Address plzz..and plz tell me about this restaurant plzz..

  12. This Restuarant is good or not??

  13. Its extremely loud in there. The acoustics are awful, making it very difficult to have a conversation with anyone at the table without shouting. It also appears to be the place of the affluent - so common courtesy from fellow patrons is nonexistent.

    The food and the service was very very good.

  14. Halaal, how?Most probably they put vanilla, not a vegetable nor a meat, so suitable for Veg. does not prove it is halal, you should not propagate the doubtful foods, kindly share with us the eat outs that.are confirmed halaal

  15. Farooqi that's old statements now how's the things going in these days with butlers cafe

  16. Feroz try to visit in breakfast u would feel difference